Casino Gambling in the US

Though currently under the UIGEA gambling online is illegal in the United States, there may be signs that internet gaming may one day be legal. Some legislators have voiced support for online casinos in recent years, and the tide of public opinion may also be leaning towards legalization of internet gambling in America.

Americans can, however, play in online casinos that are offshore using the loopholes in the law. There are many online casinos that work like that and accept Americans. Visit this site to find the best and get free no deposit codes for them.

Favorable Opinions from Legislators

Some legislators like Senator Robert Menendez have voiced support for online gambling and have suggested removing some of the more onerous restrictions on such forms of entertainment. Menendez sponsored a bill that would have allowed for the legalization of skill based games such as Mahjong and poker, even for the purposes of gambling. Others like the late Barney Frank recognize the value of the potential revenue from taxing gambling earnings. They are willing to explore economic studies that defend the benefit of online casinos for the US GDP.

A Long Road Ahead

If legalization is to become a reality, though, it has a long road ahead of it. The Obama administration has given no indication that it is willing to work with online casinos and has actually taken steps to further criminalize the activity. The Department of Justice has recently prosecuted several financial companies that have devised ways for American citizens to fund their online casinos accounts. Even companies like Mastercard have faced repercussions from the federal government operating under the UIGEA.

Legalization of internet gambling can one day be a reality in the United States if the federal and state governments can move past the idea that gambling is inherently immoral and harmful. Until that time, though, gambling online is still illegal in the good old US of A.