Casino Age Restrictions

Gambling is illegal to anyone under the age of 18. This law can be strictly enforced by traditional casinos, but becomes a bit trickier in the case of online gambling forums. Though online casinos cannot monitor their players as closely as regular casinos, there are still age restrictions in place that should be observed by all players.

Online Casino Rules

Though there are no security guards to prohibit those under the age of 18 from entering an online casino, these gambling forums still make their age restrictions clear to anyone entering their sites. Most of these online casinos adhere to the 18 and over law, but some are even stricter, indicating that no one under the age of 21 is technically allowed to enter a gambling site. These rules are put in place by gambling authorities, who also monitor the sites themselves.


Individuals under 18 may find it easier to get away with gambling online than trying to get into a traditional casino, but these actions are not without risk and penalty. After all, such practices are unlawful, and there are oversight committees put in place to prevent such behavior. Those who are found to be underage may have their winnings taken away from them, and may in some cases be charged an additional penalty fee.

Of course, some online casinos are more lax than others when it comes to oversight. Many site owners are concerned only with bringing in new players and more revenue, and therefore pay little attention to those entering their site. If these sites are reviewed by gambling authorities and found out, however, they risk being shut down and severely penalized.