Casino UIGEA Legislation

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is a piece of legislation that takes its cue from Prohibition-Era legislation. A wide sweeping law, it prohibits an act that many view as harmless, but a select few believe to be harmful to the moral fabric of the country. Today, the UIGEA has produced a ban on almost any form of internet gambling for US citizens.

How the Law Works

In the text of the law, the UIGEA does not prohibit online gambling, but it still has that effect. The UIGEA works against the funding of internet based betting, prohibiting any financial transactions that facilitate gambling over the internet. There are some exceptions to the law such as horse bets, but other types of sports betting and any financial interactions with online casinos are included in the law.

The Effects

Much like the 1920s prohibition of alcohol, the main effect of the UIGEA has been to force such unwanted behavior underground. Many Americans have found ways around the law, using various third parties to funnel money to the casinos or engaging in deliberate illegal activity. Such tactics have opened more Americans up to casino scams and other forms of fraudulent activity, which in turn have served to legitimize the law that was drafted to prevent such abuses.

There have been some attempts to overturn or reverse the UIGEA and others to clarify the law. These attempts have so far failed, and the UIGEA still prohibits American citizens from enjoying the wide world of internet gambling.