The American Roulette Wheel

Those who are into playing roulette wheel games must be aware of the fact that there are basically two different types of roulette. The first one is called the american roulette wheel and the next one is the European roulette wheel. Hence if you are an online roulette player you should try and understand the basic difference between american roulette and the European counterpart of the same. Unless this difference is known paying the game especially in an online environment could be quite difficult. The single big difference between american roulette online and the European online roulette is the fact that in American roulette the rules permit both single zero and double zero which is not the case in European roulette where only one zero is permitted. Further when it comes to American wheel the numbers are placed in pairs whereas in the European variants the numbers are placed at random.

Though there are different schools of thought as far as the benefit and advantages of both the types, those who are used to playing american roulette will be more at home with this variant rather than trying out the European variant. Since the odd, even, red and black bets are kept very near to each other, the chances of winning are perhaps slightly better when compared to the European roulette. However, in terms of looks there is no doubt that the European roulette looks much better with a symmetrical shape.

However, there is another school of thought that feels that the European variants offers better chance of winning compared to american roulette once the player is able to get over the first table. The fact that European roulette has only one zero makes it even more convenient to understand and play. However at the end of the day, both the American and European online roulette games have their own constituencies.